Prehabilitation for Joint Replacement Surgery

Prehabilitation refers to physical therapy rehabilitation prior to having surgery.

Clinical research has proven that patients who participate in an appropriate exercise program prior to their joint replacement have better outcome measures regarding pain levels, range of motion, strength and functional ability compared to patients who do not attend prehabilitation. These improvements are evident both prior to surgery and at 3 months post surgery.

Prehabilitation involves carefully guided, pain-free strength, flexibility, endurance and mobility training in order to maximise your potential both prior to and following your joint replacement. As a general rule, the earlier you commence prehabilitation the more time you are allowing your body to generate these improvements.

Prehabilitation at The Sports & Arthritis Clinic Norwest involves:

  • An initial one-on-one consultation with a physiotherapist to assess your range of motion and functional capacity along with the provision of a home exercise program
  • Following your initial review you then gain access to our ‘no gap payment’ prehabilitation classes where you will not incur a fee for those with Private Heath Insurance with Physiotherapy cover