Dr Reddy

Plastic Surgeon

Dr Chaithan Reddy



Dr Reddy prides himself on tailoring his techniques to your particular features to achieve the best possible and most natural looking result for you. He places a strong emphasis on short scar techniques and the importance of a tailored post- operative treatment plan to optimise your results.

Dr Reddy believes that just as important as his surgical skills, is the relationship that he develops with his patients. Creating a consultation process that is relaxed, confidential and understanding, with the opportunity for you to have enough time to have all your questions addressed forms the core of his approach.

He has arrived at these principles after having spent the past 10 years attending to patients and performing complex reconstructive and cosmetic surgery procedures.

His achievements in the process are a standout, including surgical awards from various national and internationalorganisations.

These include:

  • Highly trained Expertise
  • Adheres to the safest surgical principles
  • Operates in Hospitals that are accredited by and meet Australian Health Care standards
  • Strives for the best possible results that can be achieved
  • "I look after your needs until you are 100% satisfied with your results"
  • Caring
  • Consultations and even your surgery can be performed on weekends
  • 24-hour direct availability both before and after your surgery

If you would like a consultation with a highly trained and experienced Australian plastic surgeon (FRACS), then you may arrange an appointment to see Dr Reddy at any one his consulting locations. You can rest assure that Dr Reddy will see you in a confidential, relaxed and caring environment.

For Appointments Call: 1300 073 339

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